Monday, March 7, 2016

NADA, As in No Worries

A new restaurant opened last week 
in downtown Indy. Called Nada, it bills itself 
as Modern Mexican.
The color and design of the place is wonderful, 
a contemporary balance of coral, yellow, and aqua 
with bright blue to balance it all. 
I was thoroughly taken in by the contemporary 
interior accented with more rustic touches
of texture and tiles. The seating is arranged in groups:
benches and tables along the sides, with banquettes
in the center and curtained booths along
one wall. It looks casual, but it definitely is not.

I loved my meal.
I had an appetizer of chips with salsa
and guacamole, dinner of grilled salmon, and
dessert of butterscotch flan. Yum.
I don't drink much, so only had a glass
of red wine. The food, while spicy, was not 
overwhelmed with heat nor drowned
in cilantro; I was able to enjoy
all the flavors and textures.

The service was excellent, 
almost embarrassingly so. I suppose that
was due to the place just having opened and/or
to my being by myself. I liked it.

I left Nada looking forward to my next visit,
wondering what I would choose for my next meal.
I saw people of all ages enjoying their first
visit to the dining room and a happy crowd 
as I walked through the bar.
I'm not much of a "foodie" but I know
what I like and I liked this place.


Merisi said...

Very inviting place, wished I could have lunch there right now!

The first image is reminiscent of Edward Hopper paintings.

Gunn said...

Looks nice, and unique in some ways.
I could have gone here too.

William Kendall said...

It does look inviting- and I like the framework of the lamps.