Sunday, September 4, 2016

Library: Theme Day, Three Days Late

Just short of a year ago, I posted about a series of art 
installations called The Public Collection.
You can read these posts here, here, and here.
They have proved to be popular, so much so that
the library is asking the public for donations of books
in order to replenish the sites' offerings.

Originally there were nine stations opened 
at various sites around the city.
Recently it was announced that a tenth
site will be added early next year
and that one of the installations at the IMA
will be moved to the 
Marion County Juvenile Center in order to
provide more books and art for the 
children at that facility.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you had gotten to and why on Sept. 1st we did not see any photos left over from your great reports about the mini-libraries ...

Speedway said...

I get preoccupied with stuff and forget my CDP deadlines. I knew I was going to post about The Public Collection, had the images running through my mind, as well, and, wouldn't you know, the Theme Day date completely passed me by!

William Kendall said...

Very peculiar ways to display these books!