Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another in The Public Collection: Nautilus

When we become engrossed in a book, we are taken 
to another world, visiting places imagined
and real that we can build on to change our world
and to become the person we want to be.

Artist Katie Hudnall has addressed this with Nautilus,
her contribution to The Public Collection.
This bookcase, crafted from materials resourced from
Indianapolis buildings and from crates used to
transport the artwork from old Wishard Hospital
to Eskenazi Health, is meant to evoke
the image of a ship, one that travels our imagination.

This bookcase can be found in the lobby of 
the Fifth Third Bank, just south of Eskenazi Health.
In the curled part of the shell, there is a little room.
Press a button and a light comes on
to illuminate a little bookcase; it is a staircase,
rising towards the light, or books carrying one to the moon.
In itself, that is charming, lending itself
to whatever stories one may care to explore.