Sunday, October 18, 2015


After swim practice Friday, I walked over to the Canal.
While a bit cooler, the day was sunny and beautiful.
People were walking, running, cycling and
skating alongside the water, enjoying every moment.
I saw turtles sunbathing under the Washington 
Street bridge, a heron ot two in flight over
the river, and ducks and geese taking a mid-day
siesta. Their naptime brought about a question:
Why were they segregated?
Under one bridge, there was a flock of mallards
dozing and drifting in the water.
Under another bridge there was a flock
of geese. Well, the birds were primarily geese;
a few confused-looking mallards paddled around
as if wondering how they got there and
where were their buddies?

And then there was this guy.
Where did he belong? 
His expression makes him look as 
though even he is a bit confused
because none of the other 
geese look like him.


William Kendall said...

Here I tend to notice that while there are times each type is on their own in groups, other times they're quite often out on the water mixing together. I do like that last fellow!

Anonymous said...

"Birds of a feather flock together."

Speedway said...

One of my favorite scenes was several winters ago. The river had frozen over except for a small patch that ducks were continuously paddling to keep open.
At the edge of the opening stood a heron, usually a solitary bird, his shoulders hunched against the cold, his presence tolerated by the ducks who allowed him to share the water.