Saturday, October 10, 2015

Big Fish on Virginia Avenue

The southeast part of town, about a mile from the center
 of downtown Indy, has seen a large amount of restoration, 
renovation, and development in recent years.
I had occasion to visit one of the neighborhoods earlier
this week and was tempted to just set up
homekeeping right then and there.

The buildings are a mixture of restored storefronts 
and contemporary architecture. The result is a pleasant
neighborhood of businesses, residences, and
restaurants. For a number of reasons, it has always
been a dream fantasy of mine to live in a place
that was an old storefront with living quarters
just above, much like those shown below.

One day soon, before the weather turns cold,
I am going to get a bicycle to explore
the neighborhood to see whether such a home
would be possible for me.
It's right on the bus line, surrounded by little
restaurants, galleries, and coffee shops.
What's not to like?


William Kendall said...

It does look like a pleasant neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

You can get one of those yellow "Pacers" bikes - they are not just for tourists.

Speedway said...

I will be using one of the Pacers' bikes. One of my photos won a prize from ROW. That prize is a year's pass for use of the bikes. Yay!