Thursday, October 8, 2015

Art in Speedway: Larry Poons

Well, not really in Speedway, but back to the Canal
where the leaves floating on the dyed water made me think
of artist Larry Poons' op art paintings from the 1960's.
The golden leaves floated at different depths,
giving a similar effect as of his "Northern Grave,"
where the colors undulated front to back
on the red surface of the canvas.

Poons, who is now seventy-eight, was one of my
favorite artists when I was in art school.
His Op Art paintings teased my eyes; I loved the
way the vari-colored ovals were balanced and hovered
on the background color. The first one I recall
seeing was green. It just sang to me,
which shouldn't be a surprise because
Larry Poons first studied music at 
the New England Conservatory of Music
before deciding to become an artist.

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William Kendall said...

They do have an artistic streak to them.