Friday, October 23, 2015

Almost Ready

Since March, the Natatorium at IUPUI has been undergoing 
the first phase of its renovation.
For a long while, water was kept in the pool to prevent
possible damage from falling tools.
The lane lines were loosened, floating on the water 
all summer. Recently they were removed,
the pool was emptied, repaired as needed, then
cleaned and polished. The diving platforms
were shrouded in plastic like a Cristo installation,
then they, too, were resurfaced, making ready
for the next practice of aspiring divers.

For months, I've stood like a child in front
of a candy store window, watching the tile setters
at their trade. Now the workmen are cleaning 
up the dust of their work, the pool has been refilled 
and will, once again, be cleaned for swimmers,
who will return for their practice sessions
in about two weeks. I can hardly wait.


William Kendall said...

That last shot is my favourite!

Speedway said...

When I passed by today to check on the pool, I found the water was the requisite blue, rather than green, and the bottom had been cleaned to remove the clay-colored silt from the workers' dust. YAY!