Saturday, November 3, 2012


I'd seen them on the highway, reels of plastic tubing on a trailer 
being taken to a work site. The trailer carrying these reels 
was parked at the corner, about a quarter mile from here. Yay! 
A crew of three men was digging a hole to begin installation.
A block farther up the street, machinery connected
to a water truck would burrow underground, using water 
from the truck to move the dirt and to push 
the tubing through the little tunnel. 
I guess then the cables follow, threaded 
through the corresponding tubes.

These "tails" are left above ground, I suppose 
to be connected to the next segment 
of tubing, as it is all buried beneath the surface.


dive said...

It's not just Nature showing the colours of Autumn.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

workmen have some useful tricks these days

Speedway said...

Hi, Gerald.

If it weren't for the fact that my presence would lead the workmen to have me hauled off for being a pest, I'd be in there to watch, ask a million questions and to take just as many pictures; if there's a hole in the ground I want to know Why? Why? Why?

These holes are much smaller, less intrusive and don't disrupt the entire neighborhood. I've seen this same technique used a few years back for a much larger diameter line. I don't recall what it was for, but it may have been for gas lines. These are for communications, I think.

I'll have to look up the color-coding for the tubing, Dive, but I'd be damn suspicious if anyone used tubing that was pink and peach in color.

Anonymous said...

i do the same thing, always ask whats going on, why the holes, etc!