Friday, November 23, 2012


In the Spring I look forward to the trees' budding leaves, 
the tender shades of green they make as they emerge after 
the fallow Winter. In Summer their leaves offer shade where 
I often stand, gazing upward through the layers of leaves,
marveling at the shapes and shades made by the sunlight.
 In the Fall, I get the colors and then the delicate
lines drawn by the bare branches as they mark their
own space against the cold sky.


dive said...

Oooh, stark.
Another one for a potential Chinese brush painting series, Speedway. You're so good at spotting those. I was wandering around St.James's Park earlier in the week trying to get the same effect but in vain. I don't have your eye.

Julie said...

Excellent, Sara. Thank you for flying the banner of the City Daily Photo portal. It is appreciated.

Speedway said...

Thank you for your assistance, Julie. I think I may have omitted one of the "save" steps when I tried it. I'd always had a CDP link on my sidebar, so the badge is appreciated - maybe more people will notice it.

Dive, there's one particular man that, when I see him, I cannot help but think in terms of how his shoulder blades look underneath his shirt, or the shape of his hand. It's the same damn thing with trees, which don't get as un-nerved by my sensual musings. When I look at your drawings from older posts, I see thick and thin lines showing an awareness of shape and line, light and dark, etc., so you have it, too. Just love the tree ... a little bit, not too much. (Do I make any kind of mad sense at all?

dive said...

Perfect sense, as always, Speedway.