Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiery Bling

I've started collecting stand pipes, at least those that provide an 
opportunity for a bit of interesting composition. 

Looking down on these fixtures shows their red enameled tops, 
beautifully set off against the brass-colored hardware.

The chains on the caps remind me of a woman I saw years ago 
in the infield at the Speedway. She had pierced her nipples
and had a chain running between the two. Argh!


dive said...

Ew for the nipple thing, but yay for beautifully maintained firefighting equipment, photographed with flair.

Speedway said...

Ew, is right, Dive. There wasn't a woman who saw her, or who saw her photograph, who didn't recoil from the imagined pain and cover her chest with her arms. Myself among them.

I've been saving these images for a bit. They're so shiny and tidy they seemed like practical jewelry for the building.

dive said...

You should get on Etsy and market a range of firefighter-themed jewellery to cash in on the 'sexy firefighter calendar' thing.

Buck said...

I never understood piercing of any kind but why not, I guess? The thumbnail so looked like a picture of military radio gear that I was certain you were a ham radio operator! Although it isn't radio gear, I'm happy to see the beautiful fire fighting equipment. Nicely done.