Thursday, June 20, 2013


I took a picture of this alleyway a few days ago because 
I liked all the patterns made by various grids.
In the end, I found myself intrigued by the little bit
of graffiti in the lower left corner.
At first, I thought it was a sprayed stencil image
of a French Bulldog. Further research
proved it to be the tagger's version of the most
popular internet cat meme, Grumpy Cat.

GC, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, was just recently 
signed to a movie deal. If a script can be developed that is
as clever as the comments made for the photos,
then that movie may be one animal pic I can stand for
more than 5 minutes.

At any rate, GC's expression matches what I feel when 
I see my favorite man being followed around by
a half-his-age mid-life crisis in four-inch heels.
I wake up every day with a positive attitude, thinking
that if I do my part, if I work hard, my dreams will come true.
However, I fail to take into account that other people 
may have similar plans; believe me, brains and humor will
be trumped by a thigh-high min-skirt every time.


dive said...

Wonderful urban landscape shot, Speedway. So much interest in there.

Ah, cats and the interweb. How would we survive without 'em.

I'd been wondering where I could get a mid-life crisis in four inch heels and a thigh high mini skirt. They're in short supply here so you could solve both our problems by wrasslin' her into a crate and shipping her over the Pond.

f1f368ee-9cda-11e0-87da-000bcdcb471e said...

et tu, Dive?

Speedway said...

I could do that, Dive, but then your bargain, just-received-from-the Colonies heart-attack in 4-inch heels would actually speak and you'd be disappointed again. But then, talking isn't important at this point, is it? See

She sounds like that, too. Flat as hell. Wonderful.

dive said...

Hee hee.