Monday, June 24, 2013

Waltz with the Breezes

When I left to take a walk Saturday, 
the air was hot and muggy,
relieved by the gift of a breeze. 
As the afternoon went on, the promise 
of rain plied its way among the trees 
at the IMS RV lot on Georgetown Road. 
I could hear the trees as they danced, 
their leaves sounding like the rustle of taffeta
ball gowns moving to the sensuous twirls and dips 
of the breeze's three-quarter time.

A bit of the breeze touched my cheek, 
inviting me to join the dance.
And there, I could be seen, a middle-aged woman 
walking alone among a few acres worth of trees. 
With my baseball hat pulled low on my brow,
I looked up at the trees where, circling in place,
partnered by my unseen Muse, my laughter made 
a counter melody to the summer air.


dive said...

Sounds like spring finally arrived, Speedway. Love your bendy tree.

Speedway said...

Spring? Our spring was cooler than last year, which saw us in drought conditions in April, lasting until fall. By this time last year the grass was straw. Now everything is green. Everything has leaves that should in abundance. The flowers are happy.