Saturday, June 15, 2013


The day seemed bright and brand new when I took these pictures. 
A week on, fighting a sinus infection, I feel like crap,
unable to enjoy the beauty I've been given. 
I will go and huddle in my bed, watch TV, read, and possibly 
write to my muse, to let him know I think he's a dick.

We have hawks and falcons all over town.
I spied this one, perched on a telephone wire
looking for mice. He didn't have long to enjoy 
whatever reveries hawks might entertain,
though, because a squadron of sparrows flew in
to torment and drive him from his perch.
I last saw him flying towards the protection of
a tree, with six of the little birds in pursuit,
chattering and scolding him all the way.
To see our downtown falcons, maybe,
as four babies have fledged,
follow this link.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Speedway.

dive said...

My sentiments entirely. Sending medicinal wishes across the Pond.