Sunday, June 2, 2013

Whelmed by the Rain

A storm front moved into the Indianapolis area Thursday evening 
and has been with us since, clouding the day, drenching
folks as they run to their cars from work, making splotches on
clothes, and pounding the heavily laden rose bushes until all
the petals fall into the mulch. I took this photo at around 7:45 in
the evening as the storm front approached the city
People admired the huge thunderhead, 
but they didn't want to be under it.


dive said...

Spectacular cloud, Speedway. I hope your flowers got refreshed rather than thrashed.

dive said...

Hey, check my blog … your book arrived! Woohoo!

Speedway said...

Thanks, Dive, for the nice surprise and your kind consideration. The flowers were pounded, but their replacements are trying to make up for the loss. I smelled the scent of roses in the air nearly everywhere I walked this afternoon.

Petrea Burchard said...

Congratulations on your book, Sara! I like the cover, by the way. It looks great.