Monday, October 20, 2014

Around Here, the Pigeons Dress for Work

Life has even gotten harder for the local pigeons.
All day, the sounds of attacking falcons are played
from the top of the federal court building.
At night, DNR agents often can be seen, shooting
large caliber pistols filled with blanks
into the air to scare away roosting "pest birds."
At least one pair of falcons reside atop 
one of the Downtown Indy buildings, 
from which they hunt their favorite meal -- 
squab on the wing.
Consequently, some of the pigeons,
in an effort to blend in, have adopted camouflage,
dressing like the humans they see every day.
They've even found themselves welcome in grocery
stores, which have recently reported that the
otherwise unappetizing white bread has, for some
reason, begun to "fly off the shelves."

Pigeon Business was one of the many amusing
participants in Art in Odd Places, which took place
in Indy on Friday and Saturday. A trio from
Know No Stranger performed their "winged rat"
antics for passers-by -- spreading crumbs,
exploring trash, and running away at the
slightest hint of danger.