Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time Passes When You're Having Fun

The installation shown in these photos was just one part 
of a Downtown event this past Friday and Saturday,
Called Swarming Time, the clocks were intended
by artist Jagrut Laval to represent a life force
struggling to maintain itself within an urban environment.
With the hour hands removed, the clocks showed
the seconds ticking by in our present.

I had seen the artist in the process of installing
his piece on the corner of a hotel located
just off Monument Circle; at the time there were
only hundreds of pieces of black tape
being adhered to the limestone facade of
the building. When I returned late Friday morning,
people were stopping to gaze in wonder at the clocks,
as well as a number of other exhibits
staged on Market Street, between 
Monument Circle and the City Market.

Art in Odd Places was full of insight and silliness,
qualities this city needs more of.
I hope we have more of these events in our future. 

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William Kendall said...

The end result makes for a fascinating pattern!