Friday, October 31, 2014

Where the Good Candy Lives

The word from the homeowner is that any little 
trick'r'treater who makes it past the ghouls, goblins, 
and spiders in this Halloween display will 
get a full size candy bar.

The haunting will begin around seven o'clock 
Halloween night, and continue until 
the stream of kids dies down. This home,
at the corner of Hollister Drive and 21st Place,
just off High School Road, has really been
dressed for the occasion.
The owners are looking forward to sharing
their handiwork with the visitors. 


William Kendall said...

That last one takes the cake among these Hallowe'en decorations, but that spider would give arachnophobes nightmares!

Speedway said...

Ooh, William, give the giant spider a knife and it would be for him to slice the cake. It was the little wadded up baby spider hanging from the web that just did me in. It can be seen in the middle pic, hanging in between the two spiders. I think the last pic of the guy spilling out of the barrel would make a splendid Halloween cake, a la these folks --