Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Going Forward ...

The day is so dreary it almost seems 
as if the sun forgot to rise.
The sky is thick with clouds,
a puffy quilt between us and the blue sky.
I am waiting, waiting for a phone call
to make an appointment for an interview, 
waiting for the workman who's supposed 
to fix a problem in my apartment.
The cat ran away when he came.
We couldn't find her, so now I'm waiting 
to have the work rescheduled and,
needless to say, I am waiting for 
my silly cat to reappear 
at some point in the next few hours
from a secret nook she's found.
What is the difference between waiting
and patience? So far this week,
I've missed two opportunities to swim
through waiting. It seems that patience is putting
in the work towards a desired result,
while waiting is putting oneself at the mercy
of others' whims and schedules.
My swimming is teaching me that I need to
be patient because it takes time to 
reach a goal. However, the act of waiting
takes away my control over a situation.
I am nervous and bored with waiting because
I want to be in the pool, swimming
towards a goal.


William Kendall said...

I like your artistic style.

Poor kitty.

Speedway said...

Thanks, William. If I can make the paintings look the way I visualize them, they will be something worth looking at.

The cat was abused before I got her, just about 4 years ago. Other cats I've had since they were tiny kittens. They would come like dogs to greet people. This one hides away because of the earlier abuse. If this place were to burn, she would die because I'd never be able to find her.