Saturday, October 25, 2014

Window on the World, Er, Neighborhood

I heard the alarm. 
I was walking down the opposite side 
of the street. I'd heard it often enough 
before, coming from a back yard -- 
a very large yellow dog and his equally large 
ebony coated cohort, barking their warnings 
to passers-by. This time, however,
the bark was a bit muted. I looked around
to see the huge dog standing
in the front window of his home,
the sort of space usually reserved for
smaller breeds of dogs, Shih Tsu 
and the usual little yappers.
This guy, though, made the small dog
space a big dog throne,
where he gazed upon the passing throngs 
of 'others', and kept guard 
over his particular humans' territory.


William Kendall said...

It's not hard to imagine his bark!

altadenahiker said...

That is one fantastic capture of the doggy soul.

Speedway said...

He's got a big, woofy bark, William, that certainly should keep interlopers at bay.

A.H., it's a picture of THAT doggy soul, for sure.