Monday, November 2, 2015

Missed It. Dammit.

All month, I'd been stalking my neighbors' front yard, 
eager to see what they might install as 
their Halloween yard decor.
All month I was disappointed because no magic
transformations had appeared. 
Well, a new deck had been added to the back 
of the house, so I figured their attentions
had been applied there instead.
This morning I left to walk to the store to find 
that this scene had been created.
I wish I could have seen it last night, 
lit in all its macabre glory.

In addition to the skeleton driving the old car,
there is a skeleton cat on the window, 
a giant-ass spider perched on the corner of the porch, 
and, just possibly, a yucky effigy of our
state's narrow-minded governor being squished 
under the car. Bwa-ha-ha-hah!

On the other side of the front yard, they had parked 
one of their cars. Since it is just the right
shade of "Exorcist" green, it fit the theme.
I wondered what role it played Halloween night
and was sorry I missed whatever
drama it had been assigned. 

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Wow! They really did go all out!