Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ready, Not Ready

We returned to the Natatorium competition pool
for practice last week. I was happy to be
back in "good water" that was cool and calm,
meant for swimmers.

"Meant for swimmers" is the operative term
here, because the Nat is a world class facility.
I walked in last night to see not only kids from a couple
of high schools practicing, but black-clad
members of a production crew hanging
steel framework for lighting and camera equipment.
This equipment will be used in about
a month's time, when the meet between teams
from the USA and Europe will be telecast by the
NBC Sports Network, December 11 and 12.

Called the Mutual of Omaha "Duel in the Pool," 
the meet will bring together top swimmers 
from both the USA and Europe in the eighth renewal 
of an event that has always provided 
top-flight competition.
(Buy tickets and attend; it is an exciting,
invigorating occasion.)

Meanwhile, following the behest of our coaches,
the masters swimmers, most of whom are old enough
to be the parents of the likes of Ryan Lochte,
Missy Franklin, and Michael Phelps,
swam their workouts beneath the rigging,
as slim and fast in our minds, if not in fact,
as our elite chlorinated comrades

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William Kendall said...

I can see an event like that needing serious prep time.