Sunday, June 26, 2011


There beneath the hosta the kitty lay, absolutely certain that he could not be seen by passers by. Shaded from the summer sun, he listened to the conversation I had with Ms. Sami, the Speedway woman with whom he's taken up residence. It seems Kitty's home of record is actually around the corner, but he left after deciding he could no longer comfortably share his human with three other cats and two dogs. So he went looking for a new human in the neighborhood and, after checking the homes of two other Speedway ladies, has just about adopted Ms. Sami as his own. 

On the front porch of her home, Kitty snacked on kibble, knowing he is welcome there. He does not come in the house, but he will join Ms. Sami on her front porch settee, lick her hand, rub his head against her to show his appreciation. Ms. Sami did not have any cats and Kitty wanted a human he did not have to share.

Just before I went on my way, Kitty turned around and came out greet me. I scratched his chin, stroked his flank and told him what a handsome boy he his. He purred, "I know, I know," then turned around to allow me this portrait of him under the hosta. I felt honored.


dive said...

He's gorgeous, Speedway. I love that first photo. Brilliant!

Rachel said...

Funny photos and a great story! So glad that he found a new human to adopt.

Speedway said...

Thank you, Dive and Rachel, for your kind comments. Kitty is gorgeous. Who knows why, at age 11 he decided he no longer wanted to live at a home where he had a human who cared enough to have him "chipped" in case he got lost or hurt. Maybe he knew he was too old to fight with the new cats for his place, but still handsome enough to find another human who'd appreciate his mature looks. At any rate, his "human of record" knows where he is and seems to accept his decision to move on. After all, he's just around the corner.