Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stolen Home

A couple weeks ago, as I walked under a tree, I felt the rush of wings as a robin left the shelter of the leaves above me. I took a look and found this nest, perfectly made to shelter the expectant Mom and her family. I thought then that it was a little low, easy access for the neighborhood cats, but if I hadn't startled her, I'd never have known it was there to begin with.

 I went back a week or so ago to check the nest. It was gone. Not just robbed by a crow, not torn apart by a marauding cat or blown down in a storm, but GONE! Was it taken by a well-meaning human who put it somewhere they thought safer? Was it stolen by a kid for "show-and-tell" at school? Was Mom behind on her mortgage payments? Who knows? But the simple beauty of this nest is gone, as are the robin mom's babies for Spring 2011.

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