Monday, June 27, 2011

Work in Progress

When you want to add a new porch, driveway and sidewalk to your home, it's nice that you can draw on the skills of your friends and family to help out. 
After all, you will need someone, maybe your brother, 
who can help with the pour...

Maybe your wife will help  to level and spread 
the new approach to the drive...

...while you and your son screed ...

...and your co-worker friend from the fire department floats the new cement, leveling and sealing it from too rapid moisture loss.

After you edge and finish the new concrete, cover and wait for it to cure, you'll be planning for the remaining, slanted portion of the drive and the second step of the porch. You'll share your adventure in concrete pouring over some ice cold brews and a great meal, as well as cement bonds
with family and friends.


dive said...

What a great job they all did. I love the idea of "cement bonds" between friends.

Julie said...

'Cement bonds' - HAH!!

But you are right - shared jobs in a community brings folks together very quickly.

Speedway said...

Thanks, Julie. When I came to the conclusion of this little story and the words "cement bonds" came from my fat-fingered typing, I was pleasantly surprised. I hate the way the word "teamwork" usually is used in a way as to imply lock-step conformity, prefer to think of it as people contributing particular skills to reach a common goal. It's evident in this little job.

A friend was a special ops soldier years ago. All groups sent out were made up of alpha males. I asked him how that worked out. He told me each man knew what his skill was and how it fit w/the others. When the time came, each stepped up to lead, perform his role. Cemented bonds, for sure.