Monday, June 20, 2011

No Half Way

Since early morning it's been so gloomy the street lights have been on all the damn day. The weather forecast was for "light rain" but there's not been much rain to speak of and the light from the lamp has seemed feeble, too. We can't seem to catch a break here. Either it's so hot and bright you need to apply a sunscreen just to look out the window, or the phrase "a few storms may be severe" has begun to seem like a friendly reminder on the order of "Oh, and don't forget your galoshes."

What happened to pleasant days, those times when you enjoyed time outdoors without returning exhausted? This spring has been like Washington politics - heated or frosty, stormy or downright sere, winds carrying dangerous shards of debris or a becalmed indifference. If I had to vote right now, it would be "none of the above" because I want moderate. I want warm days with gentle breezes, that middle of the road weather that Mother Nature seems to have forgotten. However, there's no lobbying Mother Nature; she has her own agenda.

If this has been our spring, what does summer have in store? Tuesday marks the Summer Solstice. The forecast is for rain. Of course.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, we got rain on Monday all right. Lots of it, roads out, bridges broken, crops drowning, power out, basements flooded.