Friday, June 3, 2011

The Town of Speedway is Safe!

Alleged assailant during perp walk./File Photo from

In a late-breaking news bulletin, local CBS affiliate WISH-TV reported that a small, grey kitten, identified only as "Kitten X" has been taken into protective custody by the Speedway Police Department. Late Thursday afternoon, the kitten had been reported to the police by a local resident who told authorities it had bitten him after he'd grabbed it from behind a woodpile and attempted to tie a string around its neck. Police found the kitten, lying calmly beside the tree to which it had been tied, and said it became agitated "only when provoked." Its captor, who'd obtained small puncture wounds to his thumbnail and the base of his thumb during the altercation, was otherwise unharmed. The kitten was taken into custody and turned over to the Speedway Street Department.  

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