Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bus Stop Gold

I dunno whether people who drive to work see the world 
differently than I do. I drag myself out of bed, 
somehow, for whatever reason, 
looking forward to what I will see at the bus stop.
That's especially true this time of year when 
the sun casts a fresh golden light as it rises 
past the tree line and the rooftops.
And this is what we get - rich, crisp color
that brings out the shapes of the
new spring foliage.

This is an average neighborhood where nearly 
all the houses are at least fifty years old, and the main 
shopping areas are a couple strip malls.
But walking along the streets here 
I find things of beauty, such as the pink flowers
against the yellow-green foliage and
the sun-drenched grass accented by  droplets
from the early morning rain.


dive said...

You see the world so much differently to other people, Speedway; you truly see it while others simply look blindly and pass on.

Speedway said...

Thank you, dive, for those very kind words. I'm not so sure that I see the world so much differently. I know there are a great many photographers out there who do beautiful work and I envy them their "eye." I just have my little guy in my pocket and, if the sun has made something golden at that moment, I try to take its picture. Sometime-y it works, most often it doesn't.

Speedway said...

Er, "Dive," not "dive." Sorry, icky fella.