Monday, May 21, 2012

Mummies at the Speedway!

I live close enough to the Speedway that I can step 
outside my door to hear the cars' engines as they speed 
around the track. I contemplated staying home 
to watch the Pole Day qualifying on TV and the IMS website. 
The track is almost my favorite place in the world, 
next to the river, but the days when I could and would spend all day 
in the sun have been over for quite a while; I love the warmth, 
I will walk for miles to take pictures, but stand all day 
in one spot to take pictures? Hell, no.

But when I learned that the band Here Come the Mummies 
would be playing after qualifying was over, staying at home 
was suddenly not an option. They are a funky rock band
with sass and brass - damn good musicians, all with Grammy awards - 
percussion, brass, and guitars blended to a happy
mix that wins fans of all ages, young children to grizzled
partyers, wherever they go. 

I got to the Speedway at about 8 AM to watch practice 
and qualifying from the Turn 1 grandstands, then walked 
to the infield where I sang and danced for nearly two hours,
enjoying every chord and beat of the Mummies'
happy vibe.

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