Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mr. Bendo

Looking as though he's ready to drop the puck 
to start an ice hockey game, Mr. Bendo has stood 
on West 16th Street for over forty years.
Apparently, he is one of a set of triplets,
his siblings promoting Bendo muffler pipes
well into middle age, even as the shops have 
changed hands and names.
One is located atop a muffler shop in Chicago,
while the third is alive and well in

He is supposed to be holding a length of muffler 
tubing in his hands but over the years age and injury 
have forced changes in his arms, 
resulting in the odd  "Heil Dumbkoff" salute.
Several years ago, when he was taken down for repairs,
a mold was made and replacement limbs 
are stored for future use. 

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