Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frilly and Pretty

While walking through the IMA grounds, I passed through Oldfields, 
the country manor and estate that had belonged to 
the Eli Lilly family. As I walked towards the house, along the Allee
I saw this white-flowered tree near the fountain.
I don't know what it is, but the delicate flowers are disarming.
giving the tree the appearance of being dressed in lace.

I thought that, if I had been getting married that day, 
I would have wanted to have the ceremony beside that tree.


dive said...

Is it frilly and pretty or is it just having a bad, flyaway hair day?

Speedway said...

Hello, Dive. By the time I type this, you're likely to be happily snoring away.
I want you to know this is called a White Fringe Tree, official name Chionanthus virginicus.If I'd looked at the info I picked up when I went through the estate, I'd have known the tree's name. Apparently, they can be hard to get because they're difficult to reproduce from cuttings, and come in two genders.

dive said...

Evolution is weird.