Friday, May 25, 2012

Red Dust and Marge Simpson

The brick pavers on the sidewalks of the Monument Circle 
area of downtown Indy add warmth and relieve the otherwise cold
gray appearance of the surrounding buildings. A large expanse
of these pavers was added last summer along Washington Street and
have added to the beauty of the restored storefronts. 

Every once in a while, however, the pavers need 
to have maintenance work done to replace any broken 
bricks and to rebuild any of their base layer that has become 
loosened due to the upheavals caused by weather.
Last Monday, I found a group of the maintenance men working 
at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Ohio Streets, 
some cutting and fitting the pavers, others sweeping and 
brushing brick dust into the seams between 
the bricks. 

One of the men had his hair wrapped in blue cloth to keep 
it from becoming soiled from the brick dust. He reminded me of
someone, whose name I couldn't recall at the time.
Marge Simpson, perhaps?

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