Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gettin' Their Groove Back

For quite some time, the United States Federal Court House 
building has been undergoing restoration. The results are beautiful, 
which I showed in another post earlier this year.

Among the work being done is cleaning and repair 
of four limestone sculptures by John Massey Rhind
Representing Industry, Agriculture, Literature and Justice
and meant to show the foundations of American society,
the sculptures are were placed at the front entrances 
of the building in 1906.

Last winter I noticed that Industry was missing her right hand.
Last week, I saw workmen on a scaffold placing a new hand and 
hammer on the statue. I stopped by yesterday to watch
the men cleaning and sealing small fissures in the statues, as well
as the seams between the massive blocks of limestone
from which they are carved.

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Kelly said...

Beautifully shot! I love the angle you chose in your first image!