Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Textured Tuesday: L.S. Ayres Building

The L.S. Ayres building, located at the corner of
Washington and Meridian Streets in Indianapolis, is like an
old friend to me. Now an anchor of the Circle Centre Mall, the store
was my first employer when I moved to Indianapolis.
'Though out of business for years, due to being swallowed
up and killed off by big, corporate chains, the
building remains a beloved icon to many people
in the city, myself included.

Sunday morning, I was on my way to another event
inside the mall when I happened to look up at
the building. It was like seeing something for the first time;
yes, I knew all those decorative details were there, but
suddenly, there seemed to be an awful lot
of them in one small area.
And why had I never before seen the way
those bricks are layed at angles, giving the building
surface added dimension and definition? 

1 comment:

dive said...

I love the way American buildings take bits and pieces of Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo and Baroque and … er … modern brickwork and just throw them together in a mish-mash, then grin shamelessly and go "Ta-DAA!". It makes us European architects throw up our hands in horror but I have to admit it kinda works sometimes.