Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fun Day at the Fair

Everyone's idea of what makes the Indiana State Fair 
a fun experience is different. If not, there wouldn't 
be a bunch of amusements as side shows to the livestock
and agricultural exhibits. While I enjoy the color 
and patterns, I cannot otherwise be bothered 
with the carnival rides and lures of the games;
every year, I head for the animal exhibits
and to Pioneer Village to watch demonstrations
of old farm equipment and to watch
craftsmen cut wood, make wagon wheels,
and forge metal into tires, tools, or horse shoes.

In that light, a father and daughter pose
behind a scene of a chick and a bunny while
someone takes their picture, and the woman below
catches a bit of sleep after seeing to the care
of her dairy cattle earlier that morning.

1 comment:

dive said...

Great shots, Speedway. Typical of your brilliance to subvert the traditional cut-out photo.