Sunday, August 25, 2013

Treasure Where I Find It

It seems that as soon as one project is done, another crew comes through, 
preparing to dig up the streets yet again. They mark the curbs, 
intersections, and sidewalks with multi-hued codes, describing the orientation 
and path of yet another utility upgrade. Here, a Speedway curb
bears the air-brushed codes of three different utilities, with little flags
stuck into the ground.

Too often, the result is a patchwork of pavement
that is uneven, resulting in potholes and damage from 
winter thaws and freezes. On the other hand,
as an introvert who finds taking actual pictures of
actual people intimidating, looking at the sidewalks and
streets has opened up a whole bunch of other
opportunities for images. :-)
And, yes, I dabbled with the contrast
in Photoshop for these images.

1 comment:

dive said...

They sure like to paint the streets over there, Speedway. Very pretty.