Friday, August 2, 2013


In addition to teeming with people walking, jogging and 
cycling along the Central Canal, urban wildlife 
has found the place attractive as well.
Bumblebees are always hovering in and around
the flowers planted along the canal.

 A few years ago, the canal was drained for cleaning, 
with careful attention given to the safe transfer 
of the resident goldfish. The fish were not meant to 
inhabit the canal, having possibly been put there by people 
who released their pets into the water.
"Live free, little Buddy!"
Apparently, they have returned, restored
to their habitat by similar means.
This school traveled together, adding an attractive
flash of contrast to the green water.

This mallard duckling was one of four that remained 
of the original flock. When I first saw them, they were sleeping,
huddled together against the canal wall while
mom preened and groomed on the nearby walkway.
One warning quack from her though, and they
quickly swam to her side and followed her away from
the source of the perceived danger.
Later, the little guys ranged the width 
of the canal, looking for food.


dive said...

That's a glorious photo at the top there, Speedway.
What nice, refreshing post for a Friday.

Mr T said...

Nice spot!