Monday, August 5, 2013

Try, Try, Try

Sunday morning, White River State Park was 
the setting for the 6th Annual Tri Indy Triathlon
three separate competitions, with the main one 
the Olympic distance race consisting 
of a 1500 meter swim, 40K bike and 10K run.
The sun had not yet risen on the city but
officials, volunteers and entrants were busily 
preparing for the races to begin.
The top photo shows an entrant's equipment
laid out for his transition from the swimming event,
to cycling, then to running.

All competitors have made their own preparations 
before they go to the starting line for the swim,
about a mile away. Here, the area doesn't look too
busy, but filled up and was quite hectic not much later,
as the swimmers came out of the water to make
their way to their cycles.

There were about 1,500 entrants altogether 
from cities all over the Midwest. They covered the gamut
for age, as well as for body type; people from young teens 
through their 70s came with the slender builds
you would expect of runners, to the more bulky structure
of football players, or voluptuous "goddesses."
Most everyone appeared to have smooth, 
silken skin tautly stretched over their frames,
a feature I especially enjoy to see on men.

Out of the group, I did see one person I knew, 
a co-worker I barely recognized as he 
emerged from the canal in his wetsuit, 
on his way to his bicycle. I later saw him finish the
foot race, then stop to check his watch.
He'd told me he wanted to improve his own best time.
I think he did it. 

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