Monday, December 29, 2014

Feeling Icky

I am rarely ill. I don't know what's brought on 
my current bout with aches, pains, couching and runny nose. 
I definitely have them, though. All I want to do 
is to curl up in a fetal position under a quilt,
watching Downton Abbey reruns and a Clint Eastwood 
Harry Callahan movie. One odd bit that interested
me was a program called The Great British Bake Off.
Oh, yum. Even though I couldn't have eaten the offerings,
the anticipation of the numerous cakes
was wonderfully devine.


Julie said...

Feeling icky is not good at any time of the year, but in this book-ended week, it must bring out the grouch in most folks. Hope you throw it off real soon.

Anonymous said...

Have a fever, then you may have the flu. Try to get to see a doctor or practical nurse soon as the flu can lead on to worse.

Speedway said...

Hi, Julie. I think I've basically thrown it off. Nose still runny but feelin' much better.

Hi 22bb, no flu. Not that it couldn't be, but I just don't like being cold and the even sniffles are just plain torture. I got a flu shot just about the minute Kroger put out a sign. Bought groceries, got a flu jab, went about my day.

William Kendall said...

I had a cold that started up a few days before Christmas and is still lingering. Drink tea.

Speedway said...

Thanks, William. Mine started Christmas Day. Tea, bleh. Unless it's a spiced chai latte.