Friday, December 5, 2014

It's a Berry Gray Day

On Thursday, the day's colors were not much different 
at dawn than they were at dusk.
The overcast was the shade of the gray cardboard
that backs pads of notepaper.
I'd gone to McDonald's for a latte, hot and sweet,
where I watched the modest folk at nearby
tables, chatting with friends and spouses over
their McGriddles and orange juice.
Outside, I saw the red berries shining out
from the pale gold grasses that border the highway.
I left to take a few pictures, wending my
way between parked cars to get to the little
grove of trees. The scarlet dance of the berries 
was the brightest color I saw all day.

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Very bright indeed. I imagine squirrels and birds manage to finish those off over the winter.