Monday, December 15, 2014

Fine Vines

While the hospital was completed and opened 
just under a year ago, planting for the plaza 
and water features at Eskenazi Health did not begin 
until this past spring. Grasses and reeds were
placed in the water features, while sod
was laid and numerous flowering plants dug
in and around the huge trellis/arcade,
flowers that will provide color and aroma for 
visitors who will relax within and under its shade.
For now, all we have are hints of what is to come.
Colored lights bounce off the trellis framework
and the few vines that grew up into
the supports over the summer. 
Underneath, the little Duos deli provides
lunch and snacks for its guests,
while the water features give peaceful
background noise for people sitting around them.


William Kendall said...

I really like the framing in the second shot.

Speedway said...

Thanks, William. Just about all we have of the trellis right now is the framing. :-)