Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Portrait of a Bus Driver: About the Sixth

I spent Monday at workshops meant to assist me 
to develop my job hunting skills.
The first had one sentence of value to me,
the second was of more use. The work force in this
city is geared more towards the insurance, medical,
technical businesses. My skills are more specialized, 
meant more as support for all of the above -
design for advertising and promotional pieces,
so work is going to be more difficult to find.
I finished the first workshop, then took a bus
back into town to get lunch. 
The bus driver was a picture of concentration 
as she wove through the work day traffic.

Earlier that morning I'd stood at the corner 
of 10th Street and White River Parkway 
to make the connection to get to the workshops.
The structures are storage silos for grain 
storage, specifically corn that the farmers bring
to be dried. On some days the breeze smells like
popcorn, wafting across the river and through
the neighborhoods.

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William Kendall said...

I particularly like the composition in that second shot.