Sunday, December 7, 2014


As I left the Holiday Author Fair on Saturday 
at the Indianapolis Historical Society,
I paused at the living room setting in the lobby. 
Meant to represent the home from "A Christmas Story,"
the set includes presents under the tree - 
Dad's blue bowling ball, a Flexible Flyer sled, 
and the infamous Red Ryder BB gun.
Visitors can dress up in the awful, humiliating
pink bunny PJs and have their picture taken with
the wondrously ugly leg lamp.

In the top picture, a visitor takes a picture of her daughter 
for Instagram while my sister-in-law, Fran,
watches in the background. 
The father in the easy chair beside leg lamp 
waits patiently for his family to don pink pajamas.
The leg lamp is fondly gazed upon by just about
everyone who's seen the movie, recalling Darren McGavin 
as the Dad and his pride in the "important prize,"
totally oblivious to his wife's dismay.

And lastly, here is SDP, resplendent in Ralphie's 
bunny ears and glasses, posing with the carton 
for a Red Ryder BB gun, the gift 
most coveted by Ralphie.
Rest assured, I will abide by my own
quirky Christmas tradition: I will
watch A Christmas Story at least once during
its Christmas day marathon on cable TV.


William Kendall said...

I must admit... I've never seen the movie!

Anonymous said...

I have not either. And from what I see here, I am not inclined to go look for it at the library.
I am more interested in SPD's (SDP?) day at the Author's Fair. How did it go?

Anonymous said...

Is that a gift for Christmas?!

Speedway said...

I love that movie. "A Christmas Story" is taken from a collection of short stories , by writer/raconteur Jean Shepard, "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash." It is set around his childhood in northern Indiana. I have always disliked the idealistic hokiness of "It's A Wonderful Life," and feel that Shepard's story provided a more realistic portrayal of family life.

Belo, the BB gun was the gift that Ralphie most wanted for Christmas. The story is built around his campaign to have Santa bring it.

Farmersdaughter said...

Great looking new glasses.