Friday, December 19, 2014

Yellow Triangle

To get the picture I want, one showing the geometry 
and perspective in this entryway,
I'd have to move the trash can. 
That means I'd have to touch it. Then touch my camera. 
Then put the camera back in my coat pocket. 
Then touch the trash can. Again.
Please, just imagine the nice point on the triangle 
so I don't have to ever touch the trash can.


Stefan Jansson said...

The trash can looks kind of heavy, you should have stopped a few people and told them that you were a blogger in distress!

William Kendall said...

Creative shot regardless of the trash bin!

Speedway said...

Thanks, Stefan, but that entrance doesn't get heavy traffic.

I think, William, I am just going to set aside extra time one day to move the bin, to get that third angle so the perspective is just right.

Anonymous said...

Take rubber gloves.