Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Season of Contrasts

Based on anecdotal evidence -- my own experience, the seasons 
don't really seem to change in Indiana until about a month 
after the "official" date. We've had really mild, late summer weather
until the past week or so, when the rains came in, bringing
colder temperatures and gloomy days.
These pictures were taken last week at the bridge 
in the Oldfields Gardens, which form part of the grounds 
of the Indianapolis Museum of ArtThe gardens were designed 
in the 1920s by Percival Gallagher, of the renowned 
Olmsted Brothers landscape architecture firm.
The day was by turns rainy and sunny, light and dark,
creating shadows that echo the curves of the bridge's wrought
iron gates, then fading into a gray, rainy mist dripping 
from the surrounding trees.

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