Thursday, October 31, 2013

Traffic Cone Work Day

I've often wondered how traffic cones got to work, now I know -
they meet at the highway department then share a ride 
to the work site. This time they've been assigned to assist in the
grading and repaving of a stretch of 25th Street, 
just off High School Road.

About every twelve feet or so, each cone leaped off the truck
to take its station, creating a phalanx of orange designed to 
separate the work area from the cars and trucks traveling along
the street. The cones have their own guards; at each end of the project,
a woman was stationed with a STOP sign that she used to
control and guide the flow of traffic throughout the day.


dive said...

Yay! Witch'smhats for Halloween.

Lynette said...

Love your creative post! Happy Halloween!

Speedway said...

Hi, Dive. Yeh, witch's hats without the old hags to interfere with the hats' day jobs.

When I saw the cones, I thought of the pointy hats. I just didn't want to make a Halloween post. Thank you for the compliment.