Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hidden Dangers

I saw this car parked downtown, it's bumper stickers unabashedly displayed
 in the open, for all to see. Yes, one could definitely tell 
where the car's owner stood; I'd say they are intelligent, open-minded, 
creative, and willing to discuss the state of their nation and its people in 
a heart-felt, sincere manner, one that would not out-of-hand 
dismiss another person's opinion because it is different from their own.
On the other hand ...

The bed of a neighborhood pick-up truck was, and probably still is, 
as covered in these virulent, hate-filled, racist images as is the bumper 
of the car above. Not one example of these sentiments was to be found on
the exterior of the vehicle, and the images shown here were the least offensive.
 While both owners may be equally misinformed, at least one 
was willing to make their stand openly, while the other 
kept his hatred concealed behind a benign exterior,
the bright red enamel and chrome bearing poison within.

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Stefan Jansson said...

Some people are weird, others not.