Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Swimming: Mesmerizing Sparkle

I wish I could effectively describe the beauty of the scene. 
As I waited tonight to begin a practice session at the IUPUI Natatorium 
swimming pool, I watched members of local area high schools 
conduct their own; those schools that don't have facilities of their own
come to the Natatorium to practice. The place was a hive of activity.
The water sparkled like fireworks with the movement of 
teenagers swimming length upon length of the pool.
Their progress back and forth in the lanes resembled rows
of little ducks in a carnival gallery.
The colors and shapes were mesmerizing.

My own coach seems to always be admonishing me to not 
lift my head when I breathe, to instead just turn it to the side. 
I try, I try. Just when I feel I'm doing it correctly, I sometimes hear
a reminder from the deck to keep my head down.
Watching the kids swim Tuesday night, I saw an illustration of what I was doing;
 a girl was lifting her head on every stroke - and breathing like a carp.
"Oh, so that's what he means," I thought.
I spent my own practice time actively reminding myself
to shove my face into the water, to look at the bottom as I exhaled,
and at the lane markers when I breathed.
I wished a coach had been there to help the girl,
just as mine has been helping me.


Kate said...

You described and photographed the entire scene beautifully.

Speedway said...

Hi, Kate. The Natatorium is a pretty functional building, a world-class facility with nothing decorative about it anywhere. I just sat back to watch the kids and became wrapped in the colors and movement. Thank you for your kind words.