Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As I entered the Natatorium late Monday afternoon, 
I was caught up in fantasies; some people chatter on their phones 
as they walk along, I make up
stories, trying to visualize what sort of reception 
my little photo exhibit will have 
when it goes up a couple months from now,
or whether a man I like will ever get around 
to acknowledging my presence. 

Then magic happens as I walk through 
the parking garage entrance to the pool.
The late afternoon sun peeks through the slats 
of the garage, casting a pattern of stripes 
on the pavement that are, in turn, reflected back 
onto the concrete by the glass entry-way. 
Fantasies are forgotten while I try to record 
the magic of light. My world is small but, 
from time to time, it offers 
joyful treats such as these.


dive said...

I second your blog title, Speedway, and raise you an "Oooh".

Bergson said...

fantastic shot

i hate captcha