Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Damn Pretty

When I go for my walks, I am supposed to go at a pace 
of fifteen to sixteen minutes per mile. Yeah, sure.
I can do it if I don't look at anything or stop to take
pictures. I know there are long stretches
where I don't expect to see much, so I concentrate
on my pace, look straight ahead, trying to not trip
over cracks in the sidewalk. But I get so bored!
And then, just when I least expect it, a pretty white 
flower shows up on the side of a tree - Poof!
So what am I supposed to do? Ignore it?
Not likely. So here are the white flowers,
with their little bits of delicate pink 
and green accents.

Late last week, the magnolias had just begun to bloom.
The next night there was a big storm. Of course, the petals had begun to fall, others were stained and damaged.
Above is a photo of the same tree from

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