Saturday, March 31, 2012

Violets and Mickey D's

The back yard of the home where I grew up had, 
at its stingy best, only sparse patches of grass. On the 
right hand side of the yard little patches of these
violets would bloom every year in the shadow of
 a big maple tree.  When I saw this small expanse
of purple flowers, I was immediately reminded
of my old yard - a few purple flowers surrounded
by bare dog paths.

About a quarter-mile from here, in the Speedway 
Shopping Center, is the MCL Cafeteria, an establishment
known for its edible food. I said edible, not
remarkable or outstanding. It is known in the 
vernacular of the area as the MediCare Lounge
because of the age range of many customers.

Sometimes, I enjoy stopping in at McDonald's 
for a cup of coffee, where I've found the
morning customer base to be elderly men, gathering
with their cohorts to share tales and gossip over
an Egg McMuffin and hot coffee.
Could this be the MCD? MediCare Depot? 

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